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First-Rate Car Bumper Repair in Watford and Hertfordshire

Damage to your car bumper not only looks aesthetically unappealing, but can significantly reduce its resale value and may be the tip of deeper, unseen damage to your vehicles inner structural reinforcement panels. At Winton Panelcraft & Son, we carry-out high quality car bumper repair services for customers in Watford, ensuring your car is back to an optimum roadworthy state in no time.


Winton Panelcraft & Son is an independent, family-run bodyshop based in Watford. We have over ten years of experience in car body repair and are fully-insured to undertake all aspects of car bumper repair work. Our ATA NVQ Level 3 qualified repair specialists offer a friendly and professional service and are happy to help customers with domestic vehicles and small commercial vehicles of any type.


Our bodyshop assists motorists from Rickmansworth, Chorleywood and the surrounding areas. We have a reputation for high-quality repairs and continue to welcome drivers from all over Hertfordshire.

Reliable Car Bumper Repair Services

Whether your car bumper has suffered minor scuffs or scratches or has major cracks and chunks missing, our tried and tested car bumper repair methods can restore your bumper back to its original state. We have the skills and expertise to fix most bumper dents, scratches, scuffs, holes, gouges, splits and cracks and are renowned in Watford for our fast and responsive car bumper repair services.


We offer a wide range of expert car bumper repair solutions for customers in Watford and the surrounding Hertfordshire areas which include the following:


  • Skilled plastic bumper welding where needed and reshaping of damaged areas
  • Bumper respray using Pro-Spray to perfectly match your vehicles current paintwork
  • Minor and major car bumper repair of splits, cracks, scuffs, scratches, dents, holes, gouges of any size on your bumper
  • Use of modern tools and cutting edge products from companies such as 3M, Mirka and Farecla, to ensure the finest possible result
  • Free quotations, public liability insurance and 12-month guarantee on paintwork
  • Bumper car insurance repair and third-party claims


Having your car bumper repaired is much more cost-effective than having the bumper entirely replaced. It also saves time, not needing to source a replacement bumper and can be done incredibly effectively with the use of modern welding technology.

You don’t have to wait a week or more for your vehicle to be serviced either, we offer fast car bumper repair services for customers in Watford, without compromising on quality.

Thermosetting and Non-Thermosetting Plastic

Many bumpers are being produced out of plastic in the modern automotive industry in Watford and throughout the UK, usually using thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers. This means the bumpers plastic surface can be easily damaged upon impact, but can be fixed during professional car bumper repair services quickly and efficiently.


Winton Panelcraft & Son are specialists in the repair of thermosetting and non-thermosetting plastic bumpers, utilising modern technology and structural bonding techniques to deliver the best results. Our qualified technicians can also inspect for any unseen, underlying damage to your bumper or structural reinforcement panels.


Drivers in Rickmansworth and the Chorleywood area speak to us for fast, reliable bumper repairs and frequently recommend us to their friends and family. Should you discover a scuff or dent in these areas, then we will be delighted to hear from you.

If you are based in Watford or the surrounding areas and require car bumper repair, call our team at Winton Panelcraft & Son today on 01923 510 910 or 07540 135 863.

image of a man sanding down a white bumpr
image of a man sanding down a white bumpr
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image of a man sanding down a white bumpr
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