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If you’ve experienced an accident in your car, however minor or major, Winton Panelcraft & Son in Watford can restore your vehicle to its original state and have you back on the road safely and quickly. All our car repair services are carried-out by ATA professional technicians.

Efficient Insurance Claim Services

We handle all types of car insurance repair services, including managing your claims and liaising with insurance companies. Experienced an accident which was not your fault? Many customers in Watford and throughout the UK are unaware that you have the right to choose where you can have your car repaired and instead are sent to bodyshops of their insurers choosing. These companies can often be miles out of the way, expensive or inexperienced.

Situated in Watford or the surrounding Hertfordshire areas? Coming straight to us ensures you receive the upmost care and high-quality car insurance repair services from a local, reputable bodyshop. We can get your vehicle looking just as good (if not better!) than it looked before the accident happened.

Our excellent car insurance repair services include:

  • Estimates for damage incurred in the accident
  • Managing claims directly with the third party’s policy provider
  • Undertaking any car insurance repair work covered by the third party’s policy, this often includes car body repair, car bumper repair and dent or scratch repair
  • Non-fault car insurance repair services for customers in Watford and the surrounding Hertfordshire areas

We are happy to carry-out car insurance repair services for domestic customers with any model or make of car or small commercial vehicle. If your vehicle is unroadworthy, we can store it at our trusted bodyshop in Watford and repair it as quickly as possible. Leaving our professional team to deal with the entire claim process, as well as efficient car insurance repairs takes the hassle and stress away from you.

Why Choose Winton Panelcraft & Son for Car Insurance Repair?

At Winton Panelcraft & Son, we have managed numerous insurance claims and helped many customers in Watford and throughout Hertfordshire with their car insurance repair needs. As a small, independent company, we know the difficulties you can face when trying to deal with claims, which is why we offer a caring and helpful service to customers and use our reliable contacts to ensure processes are managed efficiently.

We will keep you informed throughout the entire process and have your car restored and back on the road in no time.

Looking for reliable car insurance repair in Watford from a reputable bodyshop? We ensure you receive the best quality service. Call us today on 01923 510 910 or 07540 135 863.

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