First-Class Car Body Repair in Watford

Winton Panelcraft & Son is a family-run accident repair bodyshop, specialising in car restoration and car body repair services in Watford. Whether you need car dent repair, car scratch repair, car insurance repair or car bumper repair, we will provide a friendly and professional service at a competitive price.

Our services are performed by certified technicians, qualified to ATA NVQ Level 3 standard. We take pride in completing car body repair work quickly and to an exceptionally high standard, whilst keeping to your budget. Quality car body repair services and car insurance repair is carried out in-house at our bodyshop in Watford.

3 Steps for Repairing Car Panels

We provide car body repair services of all kinds in Watford, from car dent repair and car scratch repair, to car bumper repair and car resprays. Our expert team is highly-efficient in finding the perfect solution for getting your vehicle back to its original, premium condition.

Car Body Realignment

If you’ve been in a minor or major accident which has caused a dent to the bodywork of your car, your vehicle may need more than just car dent repair. If the collision was strong enough, it may have knocked your car chassis out of place. If this is the case, we will realign the chassis to the car manufacturer specification using an advanced JIG system, before carrying-out cosmetic car dent repair, car scratch repair work or car bumper repair needs.

Welding, Shaping and Planishing

At Winton Panelcraft & Co, we have an excellent reputation amongst Watford customers for the high-quality car body repair and car insurance repair work we deliver. Some traditional methods we use to restore and reshape distorted or dented car panels, is practiced welding, shaping and planishing techniques.

These are done by stripping the damaged panel and heating it first, which allows the metal to be manipulated. Hammers, dollies and flips are then used to carefully work the metal into the required shape. Finally, the damaged area is smoothed out and blended to the surrounding panel area, so that any car dent repair that has taken place is unnoticeable.

Filling, Sanding and Priming

In some cases, damaged panels may require filler to reshape the metal before sanding and priming can begin. We use high-quality filler which is applied to the panel surface by our car body repair specialists, this can be shaped once the filler has set. Sanding is used at our Watford bodyshop to sand down the dried filler and even surfaces. Priming is used for car scratch repair and car bumper repair work, to cover the repair work which has taken place.

Professional Car Body Repair of all Types

We take on private work from domestic customers in Watford and the wider Hertfordshire region. Using traditional and modern car dent repair, car scratch repair and car bumper repair methods to reshape, refurbish and restore damaged panels back to their prime condition. If you have suffered the unfortunate event of an accident which was not your fault, we offer car insurance repair services which include a member of our team managing the claim and liaising with the relevant insurance providers, so that you don’t have to.

Call Winton Panelcraft & Son on 01923 510 910 or 07540 135 863 for expert car body repair work in Watford. We offer free estimates for car insurance repair and bodywork repairs.

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