Car Bumper Repair in Rickmansworth, Watford and the Hertfordshire Area
Also Covering Chorleywood and Harefield

A damaged bumper not only looks unappealing on the eye, but it can also reduce your car’s resalable value and could be the start of a deeper issue that could further impact structural reinforcement. The experienced team at Winton Panelcraft & Son offers car bumper repair services for motorists in all areas around Rickmansworth. Our key objective is to have your vehicle back on the road, safe and roadworthy, in the minimum amount of time.

We have an independent car body shop which is family-owned and family-run. We have close to 15 years of experience in the car body repair sector and have the skills needed to specialise in car bumper repairs. Our ATA NVQ Level 3 qualified repairers cover the surrounding Chorleywood, Harefield, Watford and Hertfordshire areas with professional services, helping motorists with passenger cars and businesses with light commercial vehicles.

Our company has a solid reputation for delivering quality bodywork repairs from fully equipped premises in Rickmansworth where we welcome all customers, old and new, from all locations in the wider Hertfordshire area.

Please read the reviews of our previous customers to see what they say about our workmanship and our keen approach to car body repairs.

Car Bumper Repairs

If a bumper on your car has minor scuffs and scratches, or if it has cracked or has holes in it, our car bumper repair methods can bring the panel back to an original condition. Our repairers have the skillsets and experience needed to address dented, scratched, scuffed, gouged, split and cracked bumpers. We are well known in nearby Watford and the surrounding Chorleywood and Harefield areas for a fast and responsive outlook on all bodywork repairs.

Winton Panelcraft & Son can offer you a variety of car bumper repair services which cover each of these important techniques:

  • Plastic welding, split repairs and reshaping of damaged car bumpers
  • Refinishing in Pro-Spray H2O, matching the bumper paintwork
  • Dented, scratched, scuffed, gouged and cracked bumper repairs
  • Use of innovative tooling and products from leading brands
  • Free estimates, fully insured and 12-month paintwork warranties
  • Car insurance repairs welcomed including all car bumper repairs

Choosing us to have a car bumper repaired is lower in price than using us to replace it. Bodywork repairs save us time because we won’t need to find you a replacement. Car body repairs to bumpers can be easily completed to a professional standard thanks to modern plastic welding technology.

And, just as importantly, you won’t need to wait for a new bumper to arrive at our car body shop in Rickmansworth. Winton Panelcraft & Son delivers a faster brand of car bumper repair for private motorists, commercial clients and members of the trade, from anywhere in Watford or Hertfordshire.

The Chorleywood and Harefield areas are also important to our company.

Plastic Bumper Repair Technicians

The global automotive sector has moved towards plastic as a choice for car bumpers over the past 25 years, and most manufacturers use thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers to make them. The move to plastic means that bumpers damage easily in a collision, but our technicians can address this damage with a professional and responsive car bumper repair service. We combine experience with a strong work ethic to improve our turnaround times, and to have our customer’s cars back on the road as soon as we can.

Winton Panelcraft & Son repairs plastic bumpers using innovative technology and bonding methods which are proven to give the best possible results. Our estimators check for underlying damage to the structural reinforcement so that any repairs cover what can’t be seen as well as what can be seen.

Motorists in Rickmansworth, and those in the Chorleywood, Harefield, Watford and Hertfordshire areas, choose us for dependable car bumper repairs and often recommend us to others in need of bodywork repairs. If you need a car body repair specialist, Winton Panelcraft & Son would love to hear from you.

Call Winton Panelcraft & Son on 01923 510 910 or 07540 135 863 for car bumper repairs in Rickmansworth, Watford and Hertfordshire.