Bodywork Repairs in Watford | The Leading Local Choice for Dent, Scratch and Car Insurance Repairs

Winton Panelcraft & Son trades from a family-owned car body shop. We specialise in cosmetic car body repairs and accident repairs. Based in Rickmansworth, our company offers a broad range of services to private motorists, local businesses, fleet operators and members of the trade from nearby Watford. Our qualified ATA NVQ Level 3 repairers take pride in their work and do everything possible to protect our hard-earned reputation.

Book in for car dent repairs, car scratch repairs and car bumper repairs with a sense of confidence. We deliver a professional service at affordable rates and, if you need us to undertake car insurance repairs, Winton Panelcraft & Son can provide a full accident management service for non-fault drivers.

All bodywork repairs come with a reassuring 12-month warranty.

Key Steps in the Accident Repair Process

Winton Panelcraft & Son undertakes car body repairs for passenger and light commercial vehicle owners from Watford. The repairers at our established car body shop work efficiently and use their experience to find an ideal solution which gets your car or LCV mobile again in a perfect original condition.

With car dent repairs and car scratch repairs, and with car bumper repairs where the damage only affects the paintwork, we can use SMART repair technology to shorten our overall job turnaround times.

For major accident repairs and bodywork repairs, we follow procedures that reinforce the structure, repair the panels and transform the finish.

We can undertake major work as car insurance repairs if needed.

Body Realignment

If you have been in a collision which has dented the bodywork, your vehicle will probably need something more than just standard or SMART car dent repairs. If the accident was severe, the chassis could be misaligned. If your car needs the chassis realigning, we perform accident repairs and car insurance repairs using data sheets with manufacturer specifications. We put your car onto a jig, using dozers and pulling tools to realign the chassis.

Our car body shop has an advanced chassis realignment system onsite which we use to perform bodywork repairs after instances of major damage.

Small jobs, like car scratch repairs and car bumper repairs, won’t require us to put the cars of our Watford customers onto a jig for realignment.

Panel Beating

Winton Panelcraft & Son has skilled panel beaters on its team with years of combined experience in car body repairs. Our car body shop has an outstanding reputation with Watford motorists thanks to the quality of our accident repairs, bodywork repairs and car insurance repairs. In an age where slim panel profiles often lead to replacement when damage occurs, we use traditional panel beating skills wherever possible to perform a repair.

Welding, stretching, shaping and planishing are all common repair methods.

We always strip damaged panels of trim and heat the metal to manipulate dents using dollies, flips and planishing hammers. If needed, we can cut out structural panels and weld new ones into place. The panel beaters at our car body shop near Watford use high-end body fillers to smooth out smaller dents before passing your car or LCV over to our talented vehicle refinishers.

For minor car dent repairs, car scratch repairs and car bumper repairs, we usually put your vehicle directly into our paint shop for refinishing.

Prepping, Priming and Painting

Once a car comes into our paint shop, our preppers sand back the edges of the old paintwork until it feathers out to a smooth finish. We key the area around the repair with abrasive papers and pads, mask it out and apply 2 to 3 coats of high-build primer. This is a practice used for all bodywork repairs where our panel beaters have used filler or broken through the paint by trying to achieve a metal finish. Our car body shop uses quality primers, paints and clearcoats from Pro-Spray, a subsidiary of the well-known Lechler brand.

With small car dent repairs, car scratch repairs and car bumper repairs, we can sometimes address damage using SMART repair technology. In a handful of cases, we may not need to paint the cars of our Watford customers at all.

When undertaking accident repairs and car insurance repairs, we sand down the cured primer to a fine grade then clean and re-mask the vehicle. Your car or LCV then goes into a low-bake oven for refinishing. Our Pro-Spray colour tinting scheme allows us to accurately match with adjacent panels.

After the paint finish cures, we complete car body repairs by unmasking the vehicle then cutting and polishing any minor imperfections. Winton Panelcraft & Son puts every vehicle through a strict QC check. We never pass the keys back to a customer unless we are 100% satisfied with our own workmanship.

For car dent repairs, car scratch repairs and car bumper repairs in the Watford area, please call Winton Panelcraft & Son on 01923 510 910 or 07540 135 863.